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The Benefits of Refurbishing Old Furniture vs. Replacing It

Furniture is a necessary part of any home. When yours becomes tired, worn, or out of date, it might be tempting to replace it with something shiny and new.

But furniture can also be something to love and cherish. Rather than replacing items that work but have lost their charm, why not consider upcycling or restoring them? Refurbishing old furniture comes with a number of benefits.

What is furniture refurbishment?

Refurbishing old furniture covers a lot of techniques. Essentially, it involves giving an old item a new lease of life. This could be sanding, stripping and repainting an old chair or repairing and reupholstering soft furnishings.

Sometimes it might mean completely overhauling a cabinet. Other times you might make smaller changes, like changing handles or updating an old lamp with a new shade.

Benefits of refurbishing old furniture

There are lots of great aspects to furniture refurbishment. Here are a few of the top benefits:

It can save you money

Whether it’s an old sofa that’s lost its stuffing or a wooden table with a scratched surface, buying new items to replace your furniture can get expensive. In contrast, refurbishing old furniture can be a much cheaper option and even add value to your items for future resale.

It reduces waste

Have you ever tried to get rid of a broken chair or desk? Firstly, knowing where to dispose of your furniture can be tricky — particularly if you don’t have access to a suitable vehicle. Secondly, you might be uncomfortable with sending old items to landfill, where some soft furnishings even release harmful gases known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Refurbishing old furniture removes the need for sending your items to the tip.

You’ll end up with something unique

By refurbishing your furniture rather than replacing it with new, mass-produced items, you can put your own stamp on an old piece. Perhaps you’ve found some fabric that you love or want to put a new spin on your wardrobe with a lick of bright paint. Either way, you can get a unique look — nobody else will have your one-of-a-kind item.

It tends to be more durable

If you’re looking to refurbish a vintage item, chances are it’s more durable and well-made than many factory-made pieces on the market today. Give your vintage item some love and care and it could even outlast a new, cheaply made piece.

You can match your redecoration

Perhaps you’ve just redecorated and a much-loved item of furniture looks a little out of place. Does that dark-wood drinks cabinet now clash with your freshly-painted walls? By refurbishing it, you can achieve the perfect aesthetic for your new vibe — all without having to part with your furniture.

It can be a fun project

Upcycling and refurbishing old furniture can be a fun and satisfying experience. From selecting materials to giving your item a final polish, you can enjoy the process knowing you’ll have a wonderful piece of furniture to enjoy for years to come.

Of course, we don’t all have the time to spend on furniture refurbishment. If you’d like to give your home an overhaul but can’t complete the project yourself, why not consider contacting a professional furniture refurbishment company for a commission? They’ll have the means and know-how to bring your vision to life.

Local furniture restorers

If you’re searching for upcycling companies in the North Yorkshire area, look no further than Furniture Works NY. As a community interest company, we’re passionate about offering local young people guidance and practical skills. And with our professional workshop and dedicated team, we can take on any project to bring your furniture dream to life.

If you’ve got an item of furniture that needs a bit of TLC, why not get in touch today?