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Futureworks NY was established in 2012. As a not-for-profit organisation, we offer personalised support and guidance for people wanting to improve their lives for the future. Our services are available throughout Scarborough and in the immediate area and to date, we have helped over 600 people get their lives 'back on track'.

At Furniture Works in North Yorkshire, we offer practical skills, a selection of qualifications and completely bespoke support for each person. One of our main projects was converting a house in Hope Street, using our learners' skills under the guidance of our Futureworks Team.

We also offer opportunities for more formal learning that can help people further their education and help them find employment.

If you donate £5 ... this will provide travel for one of our learner's for a day

If you donate £10 ... this will provide a confidence-building activity for a young person

If you donate £15 ... this will help provide an interview outfit

All donations are welcome as every penny makes a difference. Thank you!

Or if you simply want to donate an item of furniture, then please get in touch with us. You can use our Contact Page or call us on 01723 447887.