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6 Reasons Why You Should Bother Restoring Your Furniture

It can be difficult to resist the urge to buy brand new furniture that fits your lifestyle. But if you feel a genuine attachment to an old sofa or you don’t want to send that well-made wardrobe to landfill, then furniture restoration could be the answer.

The process of restoration could help you bring a cherished piece back to life. Or it might uncover something new in an unloved chair or table. The fact is, furniture restoration has numerous benefits if you’re prepared to look below the surface.

It’s less expensive than buying new

If you’re on a tight budget, then having your furniture restored rather than buying brand new can be more affordable than you think. That charity shop find could be the perfect piece of Mid-Century Modern you were looking for after a sympathetic renovation.

Buying new furniture can be daunting. Instead, try upgrading your existing pieces. Restoring, rather than buying new, can leave you money in your pocket for those finishing touches that really make the look.

Reuse for the environment

An astonishing 22 million pieces of furniture are sent to landfill every year in the UK. You could donate that old chest of drawers, but reusing it is zero-waste and better for the environment.

Modern furniture often doesn’t have the same craftsmanship and quality as older pieces. And today’s plywood and MDF won’t last as long as a piece of solid wood furniture. New furniture also has a bad reputation when it comes to indoor air pollution. Some soft furnishings can even release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can cause headaches and nausea. It all adds up to a solid argument for giving the furniture you have a new lease of life with furniture restoration.

A new lease of life

If you think that boring old brown cabinet doesn’t fit with your contemporary style, try upcycling. It’s a fantastic way to totally transform a dull and unloved piece of furniture and give it bags of style.

Even better, you’ll create something totally unique that fits perfectly with your interior aesthetic. Choose the colour, fabric, finish and more to upcycle from drab to fab.

Unlock the hidden beauty

If your furniture is looking worse for wear, furniture restoration could be the key to unlocking its hidden beauty. Repairing, polishing and reupholstering old furniture can improve its functionality without losing its built-in character.

A great place to start is with wooden furniture. It’s incredibly easy to give a smaller piece quick sand down and a coat of wax to reveal the beauty of the wood grain. Or try a coat of paint for a fresh and contemporary finish.

Add value

Not every piece of furniture is a second-hand find or a battered old treasure. If you have antique furniture, professional furniture restoration can help your pieces retain their value.

Every piece is different, and restoration could be as simple as feeding old leather or French polishing worn-out wood. The original materials and manufacturing methods will have a part to play in the type of restoration work that’s needed, but the resulting value can far outweigh the cost.

Because you love it

We often attach sentimental value to our old furniture and it can be difficult to watch it deteriorate. Refurbishing old furniture is the best way to bring your favourites back to life and working with local furniture restorers can help your old furniture create new memories.

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